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Oct 23, 2012 1:00am EDT
in the middle east which has deep implication for jordan, for turkey, israel, our great ally and friend and you hear none of that sensitivity from mitt romney. it's a complicated world out there and we need a president who understands those complications and has the experience of making decisions about them. >> final comment? >> this is the most inexperienced candidate for president and vice president together. >> a one term governor with no foreign policy experience. >> one term governor and congressman that's been dealing with the budget. neither of whom have ever made a real decision about sending troops into war or about going into war or have gone into war themselves. >> i have to ask you a question where i understand -- >> you just heard -- i don't know if that was a loose cable or something else but we just lost the tail end of that interview there. it was a live interview between lawrence o'donnell and john kerry. there has been a lot of discussion about if hillary clinton steps down, whether john kerry would be positioned to be a secretary of state. we're going to go liv
Oct 3, 2012 6:00pm PDT
river jordan - not really headed there for any reason - we got to the river jordan, where, of course, jesus is baptized, and we see all these people there being baptized, and we say, "why are you doing it?" and it's because the myths, the story in the new testament speaks of baptism, jesus was baptized, they want to be baptized in the same spot. then we jump all the way half a world away to roy, washington, and speak to a fundamentalist baptist preacher who says exactly why he does it. and hopefully, this will show our triangle at work. so let's go to our roll-in on baptism and look for that dimensional triangle. ♪ god is so good, ♪ god is so good, ♪ he's so good to me ♪ god is so good, ♪ god is so good, >> personally, for me, we were talking earlier about how we were going to chicken out because it was so cold. but i'm really glad we did, that it not only reaffirms how i really believe, but the bible tells you to be baptized, and just to - like my father said - to do it here in jordan river is something really special. ♪ god is so good, ♪ god is so good, >> baptism pic
Oct 6, 2012 8:45pm EDT
record of being able to forge these peace agreements. they succeeded with jordan. they succeeded with egypt. i'm sure that we're going to see more success there, also. it's got to be a commitment of the united states of america, though. and i can promise you, in a mccain-palin administration, that commitment is there to work with our friends in israel. >> senator? >> gwen, no one in the united states senate has been a better friend to israel than joe biden. i would have never, ever joined this ticket were i not absolutely sure barack obama shared my passion. but you asked a question about whether or not this administration's policy had made sense or something to that effect. it has been an abject failure, this administration's policy. in fairness to secretary rice, she's trying to turn it around now in the seventh or eighth year. here's what the president said when we said no. he insisted on elections on the west bank, when i said, and others said, and barack obama said, "big mistake. hamas will win. you'll legitimize them." what happened. hamas won. when we kicked -- along with franc
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)